Another Ugandan MP Wins 500 Million From Sports Betting, Donates To His Constituents

A Ugandan Member of Parliament has revealed how he won over Shs500 million from sports betting and donated all to his voters.

According to the legislator, whose identity has been concealed, he won the money after following up on stories of people who won money from sports betting through an association that provides fixed games.

He says that he confronted one of the ‘purported’ winners from his constituency when he gave him all the details of how these games are obtained.

“I met this young man after he went viral in my community for having won some good money from sports betting, I asked him if it was true, and he affirmed it to be true. I went ahead to ask him how it was possible to win all that amount, he gave me all the 3 tickets that accumulated to the amount (over 200 million) he had won. So, I got the details of the website, went through it, and made a subscription, I waited for over a week, and I received the game with instructions. So, I placed it the first time and won, I did again for the next game, and won,” he narrated.

“A few weeks back, I saw again another story of my fellow mp who won the money, these stories sound fictitious but I had to go deep to confirm the reality, later, I found out that these guys were doing some good work in helping most of their colleagues who are struggling in betting and those that we hit hard by BLQ scam, I commend their work,” he affirmed.

You can check their website here if interested


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