Sad: UPDF Soldier Guns Down Bodaboda Cyclist In Kawanda

Police in Kampala metropolitan have started a man hunt for a Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF)  soldier who shot dead a bodaboda rider in Kawanda,Wakiso District.

According to deputy Kampala metropolitan police mouth piece  Luke Owoyesigyire revealed that the incident happened at Kawanda Senior Secondary School in Nakisangye Zone, Nabweru Division in Wakiso.

The deceased bodaboda cyclist was identified as Ronald Waligo,a resident of Kirinya Bigo, Kawanda in Wakiso District.

The preliminary investigations show that Waligo was shot dead following an altercation with the armed driver who registered himself at the school gate as Abdul Ssali in what eyewitnesses described as a road rage.

It is alleged that the two had gone to pick children as schools closed today for third term.

ASP Owoyesigyire said that the two developed misunderstandings when none of the two drivers could let the other go first while in parking yard.

This prompted the driver of the UPDF vehicle to squeeze on the side of the wall where Waligo had parked his motorcycle.

“He was squeezed so hard by the driver, according to eyewitness account,” He said.

Waligo, 38, reportedly came off the motorcycle to complain before Ssali also disembarked his vehicle.

A verbal exchange ensued, attracting other boda boda riders. He (UPDF car driver) later went to his car and picked an AK47 which he used to shoot at Waligo,later entered his vehicle and fled the scene.

“We have been able to identify the vehicle with the help of CCTV cameras.

The number plate of the said vehicle has been identified by the Police as H4DF 1939.

The police was invited at the scene where they noted that the deceased was shot on left shoulder and the bullet came out from the right shoulder, something that killed him instantly.

It has been established that Police will liaise with the UPDF to help identify the driver for statement recording and Prosecution.


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