Greedy: NUP Women Leaders Torn Apart By Funds Meant For Gay Demostrations On Women’s Day Celebrations

National Unity Platform (NUP)women’s league are set to hold a protest around the city on 08th March 2023 Women’s day led by their controversial chairperson woman Member of Parliament Kassanda District, Flavia Kalule, to show their dissatisfaction with the parliament’s stand against homosexuality.

The infighting
According to several sources, the NUP women’s League leadership has been ripped apart especially between Aisha Kabanda and her boss Flavia Kalule who have failed to agree on terms of leadership and majorly the sharing of the ‘facilitation’ funds meant for the demonstrations.

Sources revealed that Kalule’s team accuses Aisha Kabanda of being a Rwandan therefore arousing suspicions of her intentions within the party.

On the other hand, Kabanda camp accuses the Kalule leadership of being greedy and selfish and sluggish and thus has vowed to have her dropped from the eating table. The daring Kabanda team also believe Kalule and colleagues have enjoyed enough time in the limelight but with no significant results and therefore feel like they can do better if given the chance given starting with this forthcoming demonstration.

The relentless Kabanda branch also believes they are well placed for spearheading these demonstrations given her background as a former RCC for Kampala.

Demonstration plans fall apart

According to Kyomugisha Joy, a banana vendor in Kasanda, Kalule is always seen splashing a lot money which she carries in her car and uses this gesture of generosity to woe them to join her in the protests.

Joy says that they have on several occasions been promised hefty allowance for participating in demonstrations something the leaders have not been fulfilling on the agreed terms.

However, to the supporter’s shock, Kalule and her women teams have been rumoured to be distributing sex toys such as dildos, vibrators and other items to these demonstrators something that has left them questioning the agenda behind this planned demonstration.
“We had accepted to join the protest, but ever since we learnt that she intends to supply vibrators (dildos) to women on that day as a gift to continue supporting lesbianism among women, we won’t go, ” said Kyomugisha.

According to some businesswomen who were to join the protests, vibrators are imported by Kalule from Dubai and each costing between 120 – 150k depending on one’s bargaining power.
“Why are they initiating these vibrators to us, we are straight women, who want to fall in love with men and not with fellow women,” said the business ladies

They further revealed that those dildos are quite expensive, so why would someone hand them out for free, unless they have a hidden agenda?

“We know her for being a human rights advocate, so she is using women’s day celebrations to advance her funders’ interests, of spreading homosexuality,” she said.

These business ladies with a tight economy, why can’t they give them that money to add to their businesses other than spending it on vibrators and promoting a vice that is wrong for society?
“Women should not be fooled by these two-faced politicians, they get money from funders and want to use us to make accountability by supplying us with dildos,” said the business women.

The NUP camp has been severely accused of its strong allegiance to the gay community both in Uganda and internationally. It also believed that these communities have continued to fund most of NUP’s political campaigns and other engagements like conferences.


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