MPs Who Boycotted President Museveni’s Address To Parliament Are Acting Like Unguided Missiles-Tanbull

Well, on Thursday 16th 2023, The President of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, made an intentional well thought out address to the Members of Parliament.

First and foremost Ugandans out there, those who belong to either opposition parties or National Resistance Movement (NRM) should know or even appreciate the fact that it is so constitutional for the President of Uganda, Commander in Chief to always address Parliament, therefore, if your member of Parliament boycotted this address, then he or she is not sure of what the roles of Parliament and Executive are and on top of this, those Members of Parliament who boycotted are just misguided missiles. This was a constitutional special sitting of Parliament.

Now all over the Country, especially opposition figures like Hon Ssemujju Nganda are watering down the President’s address to Parliament simply because of not talking about the actions he is taking or has already taken against those Ministers who stole Karamoja Iron Sheets!

People like Hon Ssemujju Nganda and some other opposition figures out there trying to mislead and misinform Ugandans yet they know the facts.

The Constitution does not allow the President of Uganda, where Government has all the Anti Corruption policies and bodies like the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Uganda and Police who have already interested themselves in investigating the iron sheets saga or case and apprehend those found guilty in courts of law. These bodies are still investigating will be or if found guilty will face the long arm of the law.

Therefore, President Museveni would not only be out of order to comment about a case that is under investigations this would demoralize the Government agencies supposed to carry out their legal mandate.

President was very much on point when he focused his address to members of Parliament on social economic empowerment of Ugandans through Parish Development Model(PDM), which to elevate Ugandans to be in the cash economy starting from the villages/Parish level.
He further stressed out members of Parliament have a mandate of supervising Government Programmes which mandate is not being done by most of these members of Parliament, therefore it was a reminder.

Members of Parliament are supposed to speak and listen to their constituencies, and voters in detonate according to the needs of Ugandans.
It takes combined efforts for all Ugandans including Members of Parliament, and Youth to supervise government programmes and demand actuality. Fighting Corruption is a responsibility for all of us not just President Museveni.

Youth should expose those Parasites intending to fail Parish Development Model (PDM), it is your money as Ugandans. PDM must succeed, President Museveni directs the youth othe f Uganda.

The NRM Government headed by President Museveni is still working to make sure that Ugandans get to collectively eradicate poverty in all regions of Uganda, therefore as Citizens especially the *#Bazzuukulu* we should play our role in nation building, challenge the status quo by fighting corruption, demand and influence for accountability at whatever level one is. Whether in the village the Parish, Sub County or Town Council and District, we can all build a better Uganda.

For God & my Country

AKAMPA Tanbull



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