Speaker Anita Among Quashes Exiled Novelist Kakwenza’s Fake News About Withdrawal Of Her Security

The Office of the speaker of parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among through its press team has made a disclaimer to malicious news indicating that Speaker Among’s security had been withdrawn from her.

On Saturday via his socials, Kankwenza alleged that speaker Anita Among’s security detail had been withdrawn and was therefore susceptible to an arrest over Karamoja iron sheets.

“BREAKING NEWS:@AnitahAmong’s bodyguards have just been withdrawn. This means that as the 3rd in ‘power’ hierarchy, she’s vulnerable security-wise and gonna be arrested like a chicken thief and be charged with stealing iron sheets for Karamoja”- Kankwenza on Twitter.

Joseph Sabiti, One of Among’s Press men has confirmed to us that there has never been any security withdrawal from the speaker as alleged by Kankwenza.

“The speaker is very safe and enjoying her Eid leave with her husband and family in her village home in Bukedea,” he confirmed.

During an exclusive interview with Mr. Andrew Irumba, the Speaker further confirmed that allegations against her are sponsored by evil dark forces of homosexuality proponents.

“My brother, those are the works of the evil dark forces of homosexuality proponents. They’re using all sorts of machinations to arm twist the wishes of the majority Ugandans. Now that they’ve seen the president last week appreciated parliament and is supporting our resolute 100% to have the law even more strengthened (the reason he has returned it), they want to pre-empt us, pre-occupy us with all sorts of diversionary,” Anita told Mr. Irumba.

Anita revealed parliament was even more bolstered and determined to process the Anti-homosexuality bill very soon and have it signed despite the threats from the western World of denying her Visa and other VIP travel benefits accorded to VIPs of her caliber.

Kakwenza, Stella Nyanzi among others are said to be some of the Ugandans living in Europe and America on LGBTQ funding and magnanimity, and thus, it’s not surprising that it’s the same networks spreading the fake news.

“I’m not surprised that it’s those in Europe, the headquarters for LGBTQ that are the first to know about my security,” Anita sarcastically added as she laughed it off!

It is worth noting that parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill last month and President Museveni last Thursday openly thanked parliament with its leadership for the job well done and also committed himself to signing it into law as soon as the suggested amendments are done.

But now that the enemies of Uganda and Africa know it’s returning to parliament and it will be Speaker Anita to hit the last nail again against the gay practice in Uganda, they’re resorting to mudslinging way earlier before she sits in Chair to lead parliament to do what the president advised.

Western Human rights activists and the U.S. government say the bill is among the harshest pieces of legislations penalizing shameless homosexuals.

The law will impose the death penalty for so-called aggravated homosexuality, which includes having gay sex when HIV-positive, and 20-year sentences for “promoting” the same.

However, Museveni who is a strong opponent of LGBTQ rights who called gay people as “deviations from normal” last Thursday, vowed to sign the law once the grey areas are handled soon.

Having signed a law in 2014 that strengthened penalties for same-sex relations, Museveni also suggested at times that homosexuality should be addressed through treatment rather than legislation.


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