Promoter Mayambala Writes To UNESCO Secretary General Rose Agoi To intervene In Blocked Bobiwine’s Concerts

As the subject matter above , it has been imputed to a crime in Uganda to have Bobiwine perform anywhere contrary to UNESCO’S and UN’S objectives of human rights where Uganda is a beneficiary member state .

The government of Uganda has illegally locked him out from his profession even after court’s pronouncement that made it illegal for security organs stopping his events and concerts , this has left many people out of work who are dependent on every single event where Bobiwine performs .

UNESCO where Uganda is a member state , respects art , music and culture , this is exhibited by it forming the International Music Council , saving every 15th of April as the World Arts Day and every 30th Of April as the World Jazz Day but the government of Uganda , a member state of UNESCO is suffocating Bobiwine’s music because of his political views on corruption , nepotism and abuse of human rights yet all politicians in Uganda originate from different professions like law , farming , business , medicine etc.

As an events organizer, Bobiwine is the biggest crowd puller in Uganda’s Music industry right now , this comes with various opportunities not only to we events ‘ organizers but to her sectors like transport , Food and beverages , hotel and lodges , media , stage and providers and revenue to government but blindly in the process of government to fight Bobiwine , they under look all these beneficiaries .

UNESCO believes in tolerance , democracy and human rights as it gazetted 15th September as the international day of democracy and 16th of November as the national day of tolerance but contrary to Uganda its member state , that sector has been suffocated and slapped with many unfair regulations simply because it has brought up many vigilant people about governance and rule of law . The banning of Bobiwine’s concerts poses a threat to freedom of speech and expression as many artists in Uganda now can’t use their talents to talk about their social injustices in society and about their music profession like the mushrooming uncoordinated taxation , and security regulations aimed at suffocating them .

I together with other beneficiaries and stake holders request for UNESCO and its arm of the International Music Council to intervene and superintend upon the government of Uganda to honor the courts ‘ decision and relieve Bobiwine out of the unconstitutional and Illegal bondage because hundreds of people benefit from each and every single event or concert Bobiwine performs at .

Your positive response is highly appreciated .

Yours faithfully


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On behalf of other beneficiaries from Bobiwine’s shows and concerts.


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