JUST IN! Heavy Security Deployment In Bushenyi Ahead Of Archbishop Kazimba’s Visit

By Hannington Mbabazi

Bushenyi: Information reaching our desk is that security in Bushenyi district is on standby class One, as Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu is due to visit the West Ankole diocese on Saturday.

This arose out of reports that there is heightened tension in the district after it emerged that there are planned demonstrations and possible violence during the planned pastoral visit of top most clergy of the Anglican church in Uganda to the diocese.

Not that they are against his planned visit; but the tension is as a result of two issues!

One is the clamour for a Diocese by Christians in Sheema District and the alleged planned hosting of the Archbishop by Eng Silver Mugisha  (Catholic) at his palatial residence in Kantunda, Bushenyi.

On Eng Silver Mugisha’s involvement, angry Christians are blaming Bishop Twinomujuni and Willis Bashasha who is the head of Laity of Ankole Diocese of having put Bishop Twinomujuni in their pockets and accuse the duo of what they called ‘misleading him’.

The Christians are saying they would have no problem with Eng Silver Mugisha hosting the Archbishop but that he should do so in a special invitation not when the Archbishop is on a pastoral visit.

“A pastoral visit is specifically for the Anglican community. The angry Christians are wondering if for instance the Mufti or the head of the Catholic Church came on such a visit, would he be allowed to be hosted in a Reverend’s  home when there are his own flocks in the diocese?” a security source on the ground said.

The incensed Christians contend that Willis Bashasha wants to stand in Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality in 2026 and  is bowing to Eng Silver Mugisha’s demands because he wants Mugisha to convince the Catholics to vote for him.

On the other hand, they claim it is no secret that Eng Silver Mugisha has really pocketed the Archbishop for his wife’s politics and other issues. Mrs. Annette Mugisha is the woman MP for Bushenyi District.

“Christians contend that because Bishop Twinomujuni believes in two people, they are really causing him problems because of their political agendas. Bishop Twinomujuni is in further problems because of the Diocese which the people of Sheema district are clamouring for” says a source.

Yesterday, the tensions reached its peak with Christians holding a meeting in which they resolved that the Archdeaconry of Sheema will no longer bring their church collections to Bweranyangi Cathedral where Bishop Twinomujuni presides.

Secondly, the wasp-like angry flock resolved to drag the man of God to court among many other issues.

According to security, there is fear that these two conflict areas are likely to erupt into violence sooner than later.


Former Bishop Katonene had conflict with only Sheema district. But now Bishop Twinomujuni has serious issues not only in Sheema but also other parts of the Diocese especially Igara county which is the seat of the Cathedral and very crucial.

“Unless Bishop Twinomujuni changes his advisors especially Willis Bashasha (the head of Catholic Church), he is heading for serious problems. Its okay for Bishop Twinomujuni to have Eng Silver Mugisha but let him stop involving him in Church of Uganda matters. We thank Eng Mugisha for his financial support towards the Diocese but let him not  keep entering our bedroom,” the angry Christians said adding that,

“Every religion has their boundaries. Can you partake their holy communion if you are not a Catholic? We respect their Church rules. Let Eng Mugisha also accord our Church rules respect,” the Anglican flock said.

The archbishop of Church of Uganda Kazimba Mugalu is due to travel to West Ankole diocese on a pastoral visit this Saturday but his planned visit has sparked tension among Anglicans.

Watch the space.


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