Security To Resume Forceful Disarmament Operations In Karamoja

The joint security forces have revealed that they are set to commence forceful disarmament of armed Karamajong youths commonly known as ‘Karacunas’ who have not embraced the presidential amnesty through voluntary disarmament.

According to security, despite the ongoing sensitization about the presidential initiative on voluntary firearm surrender without prosecution, the success has been uneven across various districts in the Karamoja subregion.

Mike Longole, the police spokesperson for Mt. Moroto region, noted in the statement that while the North Karamoja region, including Kotido, Kaabong, Karenga, and Abim, has witnessed positive outcomes with Karamojong Karacunas voluntarily surrendering arms, the same cannot be said for the southern districts such as Moroto, Napak, Amudat, and Nakapiripirit.


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