In Trouble: Biplous Lebanese Manager Arrested Over Allegedly Raping Housemaid, Forced Abortion

Police at Kira Road are investigating a case in which a 19-year-old housemaid and a resident of Kulambiro Jomayi, Nakawa Division, Kampala District, was allegedly raped and forced into abortion by her employer.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire, the Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kampala, the suspect was identified as Mohamed Mohsen, a 26-year-old Lebanese national, sales manager at Bipous Limited, and a resident of Bukoto, Nakawa Division, Kampala District.

Owoyesigire said that the alleged incidents transpired between the months of July and September 2023, when the victim was employed as a housemaid by the suspect.

“The victim reports that during her employment, she was subjected to a series of sexual assaults and forced into an abortion. She details that her employer summoned her into his room approximately at 08:00 hours on multiple occasions,” Owoyesigire said.

He added that the victim asserts that she felt powerless to refuse his advances due to her vulnerable situation and her reliance on the job for her livelihood.

“These disturbing acts persisted until September, when the victim began experiencing health issues. At this point, the suspect took her to Victoria Hospital, where she was diagnosed as being pregnant, after which the suspect procured an abortion for her, which had significant adverse effects on her health,” he said.

Owoyesigire said that the Kira Road Division had initiated an investigation and that the victim had undergone a medical examination by a surgeon, confirming her condition and documenting her physical injuries.

A statement from a witness who provided assistance to the victim after her escape from the suspect’s residence was recorded, and the suspect, who cooperated with the police during interviews, was apprehended.

It is the priority of the police to ensure that justice is served and the rights and safety of all individuals are protected.


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