The Promise: Upcoming Buwekula South MP Dedan Mubangizi Gains Momentum

After the Electoral Commission (EC) launched the 2026 election roadmap last month, and indication that the country is gearing up for another general election, there are dynamics that are rapidly evolving the political landscape.

One of them being the emergence of a promising new political figures capturing the attention of both voters and seasoned politicians across the country.

Dedan addressing his supporters

mong the rising political stars in the arena is Dedan Mubangizi, a city businessman who has since expressed his ambition to contest for Buwekula South constituency, in Mubende district.
Dedan announced his bid last year and is quickly gaining momentum as the political underdog in the upcoming election, with a background deeply rooted in community service of Buwekula South.

Supporters after receiving t-shirts

For example he donated a brand new ambulance to constituency to help transport patients to seek medical treatment.
Over the weekend the politician officially commissioned a Sports Tournament dubbed Dedan Cup in which winners will walk away with cows and other gifts. Dedan chose a cows a means of promoting agriculture since Uganda is an agro- business economy.

The Sunday event attracted huge numbers of both supporters, players and guests from various regions, a sign that Dedan is a uniting factor.
The tournament has 17 teams for both women and men presenting 17 parishes in the constituency.

Under the NRM ticket, Dedan in his speech revealed that he will focus his energy on health, education, and wealth creation. He already established a Dairy Farm YONAK, that not only serves the constituency but also offers jobs to hundreds of voters.

Dedan implored the voters to embrace government programs including Parish Development Model (PDM) to alleviate poverty.
Political observers say Dedan is rapidly earning the trust and support of constituents because at the heart of his campaign is a vision for positive change. He addresses vital issues such as healthcare, education, economic revitalization, and environmental sustainability.

This forward-thinking approach has resonated him with voters who are looking for new leadership to address the challenges of the modern era.


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