East Africa Socialite Akothee Opens Up About Her Addiction For Morning Sex,Marriage & Divorce

Kenyan singer and businesswoman Esther Akoth, commonly known as Akothee, has finally opened up and confirmed that her marriage to her Swedish husband, Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer, is over.

Akothee made the confirmation in a live session on her social media pages on Monday, January 1, 2024, where she said that she walked out of her short-lived marriage back in June when she and Omosh were on honeymoon.

During her session, Akothee confessed to having discovered that her newlywed husband had been dealing with bipolar disorder and had been taking medication for it.
“It’s at this point that I asked him if he was a narcissist and if he was mentally stable, and he admitted to being bipolar and said yes, I take medication. I was so shocked,” Akothee said.

Akothee said that Omosh explained that he had kept his condition a secret during their dating period because he feared that she would leave him if she found out.
“Omosh told me that he had kept his condition of being bipolar a secret because he feared that I would leave him. However, my daughter Vesha had earlier warned me to be careful with him because she felt that Omosh was delusional, a thing that I did not take very seriously,” Akothee added.

She noted that she did not immediately tell Omosh about her decision to divorce him, adding that she even lied that she would stay with him.
“I did not immediately tell Omosh about my plans to leave him. I even lied to him, saying that I wouldn’t leave him. The reason I don’t stay in toxic relationships is because my money is in my head, and the moment I allow any man to mess up my head, he is messing with my pocket. Unless you are a billionaire and I have to sit at home and wait for you to deposit money in my bank account, then I can take your bullshit,” she said.

Akothee, the self-proclaimed President of the Single Mothers, is a single mother to five children: three girls who were fathered by her first husband, Jared Okello, and two boys who were sired by a Frenchman and a Swiss national, respectively.

She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya; the Akothee Foundation, a charity organization; and Aknotela and Akothee Homes, a real estate business.

In June 2023, she tied the knot with Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer, a marriage that she left immediately after her honeymoon.(nexus)



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