UPC Calls On Govt To Revive Commercial Banks, Cooperative Unions To Support Manufacturers &Traders


The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC)has tasked the government of Uganda to support the manufacturers and traders with friendly loans and avoid high abnormal interest rates which is a recipe for the high cost of goods and services, and inflationary thus distorting the economy.

UPC has urged the government to get more involved in domestic banking and
restore our key traditional institutions like Uganda Commercial Bank and Uganda cooperative unions if the country is to progress well.

While addressing the press conference, UPC spokesperson Sharon Ayat Arach revealed that there is a need to improve Uganda’s infrastructure, especially transport links highlighting that the roads should be in good shape and meet the standards in the East Africa region.

Both the Meter Gauge and Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) should give transportation of cheaper cost of goods and movement of people.

” As a country, we are lagging in rolling off these projects.Regional integration is easily achieved when you have a sound transport system and this can lower the cost of production of goods”, Ayat said.

UPC also highly noted with concern that the excuses of corruption and misuse of
taxpayer’s money boggles down service delivery and reduces the integrity of the
institutions which affect the various stages of nation-building.

The party has considered corruption as a cancer! Once allowed to persist, it can eat up the whole country hence putting our livelihoods at stake.

” This calls for a head-on approach to rigorously fight corruption without any hesitations”, she stressed.


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