Besigye Can’t Ignore His Dossier Of Disasters After Katonga’s Humiliation During Consultative meetings, while His Team Has Been Left Ragged -Nathan Kikku Mubiru


By Nathan Kikku Mubiru

Katonga FDC renegade members have been left ragged on days of humiliation as Besigye has no excuse for this horror show after another damaging tour.

As the faction leaders headed down the pitch in Hoima, Mbale, humbled and humiliated, the home business community were ignoring them. ‘You’re f****** s***’ they seemed to say as the team disappeared from view one by one.

Visible among the hate mob, one young boda boda man held up a placard of Besigye. That’s Besigye. Still a big draw wherever he goes and, yes it’s hard to argue right now, also rather s***. And that’s what makes days like these so uncomfortable.

A great man and a proud name being ground into the dirt by a region like Bugishu, Bunyoro and the Lango.

‘The people here are busy, enjoying their work. There’s no time for comedy anymore’ said Hon. Jack Sabiiti, the FDC national chairperson, who rubbed salt into the wounds.

Mbale became the latest society to pepper Katonga with neglect. Like a heavyweight champion who can no longer defend himself, stumbling around the ring, trying to regain scrambled senses, Besigye cut a sorry state these days.

It’s hard to see where Besigye goes from here after he added to his dossier of disasters. Katonga’s team are falling apart around him.

And what of Besigye himself? Observing the destruction unfolding before his eyes, still talking about plans and processes when all we see is chaos and carnage. But just when you think he can still be that man, something like this happens. Or people’s government. Or Red card front. Or Tubalemese. Or EFRIS that almost subjected the Mukiga man to an even worse humiliation than this a few weeks ago.He has compiled quite a dossier of disasters.

Yes, Besigye can point to a crippling state patronage list, or distractions involving Kyagulanyi, people power, NRM and Museveni, Abed Bwaniika and of course, the FDC strategic review that has landed his fate in the hands of the party Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi and President, Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

It’s been tough but let’s not pretend that other parties don’t have to contend with problems of their own. Even taking into account the mitigating factors, there’s no excuse for Besigye’s humiliating debacle during his consultative meetings.

Besigye was a good leader who had great achievements in NRM. If the reports are accurate homosexuals are considering him as a possible replacement for Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Besigye was a good man too. You can see why the basiyaazi might want to give him another go; improve the funding and hand him the tools to do the job properly.

But days like these, days when regions like Bunyoro, Lango, and Bugishu ignore you and some people delight in telling you to your face that you’re comedians and Museveni’s agents, must make his new employers wonder if they can take that risk.


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