Activists Lash At Minister Evelyn Anite Over Double Standards Against Investors


The controversial State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization; Evelyn Anite Kajik is under fire for hypocrisy and application of double standards against the investors. Anite, a trained journalist from Uganda Christian University has transformed her writing skills into blackmailing and bashing investors on social media platforms. She has deviated from her ministerial roles to fighting investors and government officials twitter/X. The tweeting minister is neither a government spokesperson nor an official ministry’s communication officer.

One wonders whether her communication against the investors is the right position of the Government or her own opinion. It should be noted that the appointing authority she is scheming to appease is cognizant of the status quo in her docket.


Her blackmail stance was fueled by last Wednesday’s stormy meeting at State House in which the President reportedly told her to keep in her lane and stop mixing up the investors.

It is further established that to deliver her scheme she smuggled an imposition in the meeting to represent Dott Services one Andrew and yet the president personally knows very well the Directors of Dott Services, the Contractor.

An impeccable source reveals that the President openly accused her of fighting Robert Mukiza, the Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority.

Robert Mukiza

When Anite shed crocodile tears saying she is innocent, the President said shut up to which she insisted that she wanted to clear her name.

Anite who misguidedly accused Mukiza of abuse of office and corruption at the expense of the taxpayer, was seen and heard on various media platforms two hours after the meeting sounding the war drums, “they are now using marriage connections to cover up their corruption but they will not win.” Ironically the “Turi Majje” diehard has turned the guns to the government she serves as being corrupt. She has even printed out posters displaying her comical face as a ‘messiah’ ready to save Uganda and the Ugandan’s from the corrupt. Having failed to display campaign posters in Koboko and win to represent her constituents, she is now posturing as the right person to fight corruption.

Before the President, Mukiza openly accused Anite of having and protecting her personal interests. Anite broke down and started sobbing in front of the President and asked to be protected as she accused UIA management of being liars.

Her triviality in handling serious investment matters has left many wondering whether she is promoting intrigue or protecting the agreed government policies on investors. The government is properly structured in its various positions of communication and war against corruption.

Constitutionally, the government in its wisdom instituted a fully fledged office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to handle the matters of Corruption. It is prudent enough for the minister to use her position and raise her grievances in the right fora. Uganda Police and courts of law are also doing a good job by arresting and prosecuting the corrupt public servants. It is better for Anite to join the existing platforms and fight corruption rather than wedging a new parallel campaign. Anite is holding a public office and time may come for the hunter to be hunted. Anite needs to relax and let competent investors do their business in line with the NRM government policy of industrialization. NRM has created a good atmosphere for investment and it should not be undermined by individuals whose intentions are subject to investigations.

It is giving a bad example for Ministers to continue undermining the appointed Executive Directors of MDAs. Her continued twits branding her own Government as corrupt scares away investors.

The minister needs to know that telling lies about Investors does not change the truth since their (investors) span of network is wide.


It should be remembered that Anite’s kinsmen and women in her constituency flashed a touch into her intricate behavior and gave her a vote of no confidence. After being voted out, she embarrassed herself further by withdrawing the ambulance she had donated to the pregnant women in her constituency. This implied that she thrives on “give and take” theory; whereby she acts differently when she has no gain. Her behavior towards the investors should be thoroughly investigated based on “give and take” theory.

Anites’s ambulance that she removed from public 

The frustrated locals and pregnant women in Koboko are hitherto cursing the junior minister for withdrawing an ambulance she donated ahead of the NRM primaries in 2020.

“This is cheap politics. She brought the ambulance here to help pregnant mothers and she did not tag it to any agreement with people of Koboko to vote for her. We vote for people who are mature and ready to uplift the status of the constituents. We all along thought Anite had matured until she withdrew her vehicle and left patients at stake. We are waiting for her in 2026,” a furious resident who was contacted by this publication charged. Anite lost to Charles Ayume in the NRM primaries and got frustrated just like the world had ended. Instead of campaigning in the region for Ayume who was holding the NRM flag, she piled her aggravation on the voters and left many people wondering whether she is a real NRM CADRE. When she appeared in Koboko in 2021, the voters forced her to enter her powerful SUV Land Cruiser and leave them in peace.

Despite her less contribution as an individual, the people of Koboko went ahead and ejected the NUP candidate and voted Ayume overwhelmingly. Instead of turning the heat on the investors, she needs to concentrate on redeeming her constituency if she wants to keep serving the government.

Little or no competent background was known about Anite until 2015 Kyankwanzi saga when she unexpectedly knelt down and thanked President Museveni and asked the members of the caucus to endorse him as a sole candidate. Through her comic posture, Anite who was a Northern Youth representative in Parliament captured the president’s attention and miraculously made it to the Cabinet list.



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