Marvelous: Bushenyi’s Parental Care Primary School Wins Western Uganda Debate Championship On Climate Change


It’s a victorious year for Bushenyi’s famous Parental Care Nursery and Primary School which has won Western Uganda’s Debate Championship on Climate Change. This event was held over the weekend at Coloma Primary School, Mbarara.

The competitions that were organized by the Uganda Teachers Debate Network attracted over 20 schools including Bweranyangi Junior Primary, Uganda Kids Project, Coloma Primary School, Revival Junior School, Maria Junior among very many others.

Some of the pupils From Other Schools That Participated In These Debate Competitions

Climate activist Mr. Eric Gumaoshabe encouraged schools to equip learners with the right information on climate change, as for any change to occur it must start with the young generation.

He said as the founder of Uganda Teachers Debate Network, they are now on a move to ensure that all the learners in schools are cognizant of the terrible effects of climate change and how they can be curbed for a better world.

Pupils From Various Schools following  The ‘Battle

As the hosts of these competitions, Sister Justine Asimire of Coloma P/s says if learners are involved in climate change advocacy it will be so easy to deal with this challenge.

She added; ”This was a very successful event, our debates have gone so smoothly and surely we believe in doing this we are building not only future leaders who can think critically, but also nurturing problem solvers. Therefore we thank all schools that have participated including our own learners at Coloma P/s,” said Sister Justine.

Meanwhile, in his remarks after being declared the winner, Mr Desmond Tayebwa, the clubs teacher at Parental Care, urged schools to prioritize debating saying it’s a valuable tool for personal growth and effective communication.

”I request my fellow teachers to emphasize debates. This is what has ranked Parental Care the best. We don’t concentrate on books in class just. We give these learners more skills through co-curricular activities like debates, spelling bee, poetry, and drama. These contribute a lot to a child’s mental growth and successful life,” said Mr Desmond.

Winning these competitions means Parental Care will be representing the western region at national debate competitions that will be held in Kampala next month.

It’s worth noting that this victory comes just a month after the same school won big at the 2023/2024 Virtual National Students’ Anti-Corruption Challenge competitions held June 2023 at PPDA tower Nakasero-Kampala.

The competitions attracted hundreds of students from 53 schools in over 90 districts country-wide. The participants showcased their creativity and abilities in areas like; Art, Poetry, Public Speaking, Songs, and others, all standing against corruption.

The Significance Of Schools In Debating Climate Change & Its Impact

Engaging students in discussions about climate change is crucial for raising awareness and empowering them to take action. Also, it’s essential for several other reasons as seen below:

Understanding Complexity: Climate change is multifaceted, involving science, politics, and societal impacts. Debates allow students to explore these complexities and develop critical thinking skills.

Building Knowledge: Engaging with climate science, energy history, and related subjects helps students grasp reality amid noise and polarization. It equips them to shape academic, civic, and career paths for a climate-safe future.

Immediate Relevance: Unlike abstract topics, climate change directly affects our behaviors and practices. Debates encourage students to connect theory to real-world consequences.

Analyzing Perspectives: Examining different scholars’ viewpoints enriches learning. Students explore causes, impacts, and solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of global warming.

In summary, climate change debates empower students to think critically, act responsibly, and contribute to a sustainable future.creditSwift




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