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Hunted: Top LGBT Activist Kirwana Flees Uganda To Exile, Govt Wants Him Deported To Face Charges Of Promoting Homosexuality 

Up to now, nothing has been heard or seen on this chief lesbianism and gays city activist Mr Moses Kirwana. Most of his  former cronies in favor of these resistable same sex practices have since disappeared. Uganda being a religious and culturally conservative country, LGBT practices are abominable and punishable by society that tends to…


Uganda Is Nolonger Pearl of Africa But Pearl of Torture

By the end of 2021,Ugandan human rights activists welcomed President Yoweri Museveni’s condemnation of torture allegedly committed by police and other security forces. President Museveni promised Ugandans in his words by prosecuting security forces accused of abuse. He warned security forces against barking at or beating suspects, detaining suspects for long periods in jail and…