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Experts Break Silence On Middle East Terrorism; Iran is the Center of Struggle, Tel Aviv is the Center of Evil

Experts and analysts of the Middle East believe that Iran and its actions in the fight against terrorism, have brought many material and spiritual costs, which are the source of security and stability in this region and even at the international level, and all countries are indebted to it. Today, the fight against terrorism has…


Israel’s Supreme Court Overturns Key Component of Netanyahu’s Polarizing Judicial Overhaul

JERUSALEM — Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday struck down a key component of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s contentious judicial overhaul, a decision that threatens to reopen the fissures in Israeli society that preceded the country’s ongoing war against Hamas. Those divisions were largely put aside while the country focused on the war in Gaza, which was…


Pakistan Bans New Year Celebrations in Solidarity With ‘Oppressed’ Palestinians

Pakistan’s caretaker prime minister, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, on Thursday announced a nationwide ban on New Year celebrations in solidarity with Palestinians as Israel continues its military campaign to crush Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “The whole Pakistani nation and the Muslim world are in a state of deep grief over the genocide of unarmed Palestinians, especially…


Judge Denies Trump’s Mistrial Motion in NY Fraud Case

A New York judge has denied former President Trump’s motion for a mistrial in his civil fraud case, rejecting the claim that the judge and his principal law clerk had “tainted” the trial with bias. Judge Arthur Engoron issued a scathing rebuke of Trump’s mistrial motion Friday afternoon, describing it as “utterly without merit.” He defended the political donations…

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