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Have An African Passport? These African Countries Do Not Require a Visa For You To Visit

From the Atlas Mountains to the desert safaris, traveling and exploring Africa is a unique experience. Charming, friendly, original, and energetic, visiting other African nations and cultures is perfect for those seeking a unique experience and a different outlook of the world. However, the hassle to obtain a visa to your dream country often poses…


EU Members Hail Museveni’s Lifting Of DGF Suspension

The Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) Development Partners has released a statement hailing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Government of Uganda for lifting the Suspension on DGF, a civil society funding body, whose activities were suspended last year. In June, 2022, President Museveni agreed to lift the ban he imposed on Democratic Governance Facility (DGF),…


M23 Rebels Say Ready For Peace Talks With DRC Gov’t

M23 rebels have declared a unilateral ceasefire to pave way for dialogue with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC. This comes after a week of heavy fighting between the rebels and government troops on Rutshuru Territory, North Kivu province about three kilometers to the main border of Uganda-DRC. The rebels captured three military…

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