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OP-ED: JAJJA TOVA KU MAIN; The Ideology of Museveni’s Bazzukulu

By Kitatta Ibrahim Almalik In January and February 2021, Ugandans peacefully went to the general polls and elected leaders into different positions to take the country forward until 2026 following unprecedented campaigns carried out in strict observance of COVID-19 Guidelines and Regulations. This meant less open public rallies than we were accustomed to and we…


Opinion: What Does Team Thorough YKM Do-Ainesasi Hillary

Team Thorough ~YKM is a political mobilization team of resilient, patriotic, hard working, committed and dedicated NRM Youthful Cadres that identifies, recruits and mobilises people; Youth to support NRM Party, NRM flag bearers, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his visionary Government programs. We are mandated to carryout political mobilization & sensitization drive in the whole…


OP-ED: Ugandans Survived The COVID-19 Lockdown But Might Not Live Through The Current Financial One

It was tough going through the two years of lockdown resulting from the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in Uganda. But some households that survived the lockdown may not live through the prevailing financial one in the country. During some of that time, movement by public means was prohibited. Trading in crowded places was…