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AKAMPA RUGABA TANBULL: Resisting the Call for Speaker Anita Among’s Resignation: A Different Perspective

By: AKAMPA RUGABA TANBULL Kampala: Well, the whole of this week, what started on Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) as ParlaimentExhibition by different activists like my friends, Agather, Toko and Spire has taken over even the mainstream media and now it is the talk of the nation. Whereas it is a constitutional right for…


Peruth Atukwatse: Are We Putting Our Money In The Right Initiatives To Economically Empower Women & Spur Progress

By Peruth Atukwatse As the world gears up to celebrate the International Women’s Day- 2024, under the theme”Invest in women, accelerate progress” it is important to contemplate the current status of women and the serious challenges that persist in their journey towards economic empowerment. One of the pressing concerns for women is lack of finances…


Big Story: 12 Reasons Why NUP Is Shattered Into Pieces

By Moses Buule-Watchdog Will NUP still be in existence by 2026? Is the multi-million-dollar question in context with the contemporary political arena? Once indomitable a force and fast-growing mass party that garnered incredible support across the country in a very short period, unbelievably uplifted spirits for majority of Ugandans and portrayed potential of new leadership…


Inside The Fabrication: Debunking The Alleged Shs500m Payment To Speaker Among

By Jamillah Oluka In an era where truth often becomes obscured by deceit, we’re confronted with a disturbing trend of individuals cloaked in anonymity, disseminating unfounded falsehoods to fuel personal vendettas, as evidenced by the fabricated narrative surrounding a supposed Shs500m payout to Parliament Speaker Anita Among for vacation per diem. Beyond the debunked dossier…


Capt Mike Mukula: Social Media Misuse, Particularly Among Young & Inexperienced Users, Has Become A Significant Concern, Exacerbated By The Increasing Sophistication Of Artificial Intelligence

Of recent, research shows that social media Misuse amongst the Youths in Uganda is gaining momentum, this has moved us to share a one on one with a senior politician, Businessman and government official, Captain Mike Mukula. According to Mukula all algorithms can amplify the spread of misinformation, encourage addictive behavior, and create echo chambers…

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