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Uganda At 61: The Fundamental Change That Defines Uganda’s Independence

The NRM government captured Power in 1986 after a protracted Liberation Struggle inheriting the post-independence Uganda characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. This was manifested through coups, short-lived regimes, and utter disregard for the rule of Law with state-inspired violence minted upon Civilians. The Colonial Setup of a country with a president and an executive prime…


Senator Bob Menendez Indictment: Why Uganda, Africa Should Shun Bobi Wine,Similar Politicians

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez was indicted on September 22, 2023, marking the second time in a decade that he has faced corruption charges. Senator Menendez, who has close ties to Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, is facing allegations of accepting bribes from three New Jersey businessmen. According to the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan,…


OP-ED: Tackling Corruption: Government Should Regulate Politicians and Fundraising Functions

Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for today’s politicians. They are days when politicians “must account” for the votes and support they received from the electorates. Fundraising functions for local churches are common, while support for hospitals, community roads, or schools is rare. Often, politicians attend multiple fundraising events as Guests of Honor in…


OP-ED: Addressing Neo-Colonialism: African Leaders Must Unite For a Prosperous and Self-Sufficient Africa

During the concluded African-Russian summit, many African leaders spoke ill of neo-colonialists – the West, accusing them of having an appetite for controlling them. Some praised Russia for being there for them during colonialism and post-colonialism. They appealed to Russia to support them in achieving their economic agenda, adding value to their raw materials, etc.…

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