Fresh Bududa Mudslides Kill Residents


Uganda Red Cross and officials from office of the prime minister have begun an operation to retrieve uncounted number of people who are stuck and others died in the mudslides that ravaged Bududa district on Tuesday night.

Local authorities say that so far four people have died and thousands are misplaced after heavy rains hit a number of villages in the District.

The rains started on the wee morning of Tuesday and by evening, landslides had started to happen.

Hon. Godfrey Watenga, Member of Parliament revealed that the whole area is devastated because of endless catastrophe caused by landslides.

‘’My people can’t have permanent homes because each year these mudslides have to carry their homes and others end up losing their lives like that which is very unfortunate ‘’he said

He called upon the government to send rescue mission teams and relief aid to the affected community so that his people can be saved.

Some of the areas affected include Bunambutye Sub-county in Bulambuli District, Shisakali parish in Buwali Sub-county, Bunamwamba Parish, in the same sub-county and Bukobero village all in Mt.Elgon area.

Government has dispatched a team of officers from UPDF, Uganda police, Red Cross to contain the situation before it gets out of hand.



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