Arrest Gen Saleh -Aine Asks M7


Gen.Saleh and Aine. photo by NTV

Former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi head of security detail, Christopher Aine, has written a dossier to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni requesting him arrest his brother Rtd Gen Salim Saleh for heading Mafia gangs in Uganda.

In the video and documents that Capital Times News has managed to receive, Aine who currently heads a pressure group “Rise For Peace Africa” has informed president Museveni that all  mafias in Uganda who are involved in criminal elements are connected and shielded by Gen.Saleh who is the grandfather of Mafias.

‘’All these Mafias connected to Gen.Saleh are untouchables that’s why they are involved in land grabbing, shoddy gold deals and are entrenched in statehouse that no security can arrest them ‘he said

Aine also lashed at Kampala city club of billionaires commonly known as Kwagalana which he termed as a group of mafias who plunder government resources with impunity.

He vowed to use military engagement and peaceful means to liberate this country from such messy economy and endless injustices.

But what has shocked the nation is Aine’s utterances against Gen.Saleh because the latter has been his godfather for so long.

When Police placed Shs. 20M bounty on Aine for reportedly assaulting supporters of the ruling NRM party in Ntungamo district,it was Gen.Saleh who saved him from being prosecuted.

Below is Aine’s Dossier to President M7 



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