Interpol Arrests 10 City Traders Selling Counterfeits


SCP Onyeko Benson

The  directorate of  Interpol and International Relations has in a joint operation has arrested more ten traders and intercepted 5000 pieces of counterfeit products in Kampala business center.

The two-day operation was conducted between 12th and 13th June led to seizure of fake products that some traders have selling to the innocent customers .

Ag Director Interpol and International Relations, SCP Oyo-Nyeko Benson confirmed the operation in a press conference at Interpol headquarters Kololo .

The operation code named ‘FAGIA COPSON IV’ carried out in Kampala Metropolitan area also saw a number of items including hardware products, cosmetics, beverages, electronics and and petroleum products seized.

Oyo-Nyeko said counterfeit products and substandard products pose a huge danger to the population and country at large as they affect both the economy as well as health of final consumers.

He noted that there are huge amounts of such products in the open market.

He however assured the public on the fight against counterfeit.

“I wish to state our commitment to ensure that brands are protected and safety of consumers guaranteed. It’s an offense to produce such products,” said Oyo-Nyeko

He added that focus will be on ensuring that counterfeits are reduced or eliminated from the markets.

To achieve this, he said Interpol will work closely with all stakeholders including consumers, represented by brand owners, civil society and government.


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