Omusinga Mumbere Is free to attend mother’s burial-Court


HM.Mubere and his wife at High court Kampala photo by D.M

The High Court has allowed the Rwenzururu king, Charles Wesley Mumbere to travel to Kasese to attend his mother’s burial after he petitioned court to have his bail conditions relaxed.
King Mumbere’s application to have his bail conditions reviewed was heard Friday with the state giving no objection.

Omusinga Mumbere who faces several charges including terrorism, murder and other capital offences has not set foot in his kingdom since he was granted bail in January 2017 following his arrest after a joint force of army and police raided his palace in November 2016.
In her ruling on Friday, Justice Eva Luswata said Omusinga Mumbere would for the period of 14 days until June 29, travel to his kingdom for the burial and funeral rites of his mother and that he should not engage in any activities, meetings or consultations that are not related to the burial.

“The applicant’s (Mumbere) attendance is important not only to him as the son of the deceased but also as a king of the Rwenzururu kingdom. I accordingly allow the application,” Justice Luswata said.
In the application before the War Crimes Division of the High Court, Omusinga Mumbere, through his lawyer Caleb Alaka requested for 14 days to travel to Kasese to attend the burial of his mother, Queen Biira Christine Mukirania who died on Tuesday at aged 85.
Responding to the application, the prosecution led by Ms Rachel Bikhole did not object to the king’s application saying she had no issues as long as he’s ready to honour the 14 days’ timeline given.
However, prosecution argued that if King Mumbere was allowed to address his subjects, he risked falling prey to the charge of holding illegal assembly.

Responding to the argument that Mumbere should not address mourners, Mr Alaka said: “We are grateful to the DPP (for not opposing King Mumbere’s request to attend the burial), but we only have issues on the burial. It has mourners, the applicant is son and king, and he is obliged to talk to the mourners. So the issue of addressing the illegal assembly does not arise. The king will be addressing mourners.”by dailymonitor


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