German Commandos Train UPDF Soldiers New Skills To Quell Kampala Riots

Gen.Musanyusa (in the middle) with German soldiers

The UPDF Joint Chief of Staff (JCOS) Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu on behalf of the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi has held a disaster preparedness and crisis management meeting with a visiting delegation from Germany at Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs HQs.

The Germany delegation was led by the Chief of Operations at the Germany Crisis Response Center Mr. Karl-Heinz Schmitz, who applauded UPDF for its timely and effective response to major crises like the recent evacuation of victims affected by landslides in Bududa district and the protection of refugees from any possible threats.
He said such operations bring out UPDF as a force ready to protect citizens from any threats other than those associated with war. Mr. Schmitz emphasized that effective and efficient response to any crisis requires proper flow of information from both the victims and those coming in to help.

Lt Gen Musanyufu applauded the Germany Government for preserving its close relationship with Uganda, adding that Germany has maintained its open-door policy with Uganda most especially during issues that address military training, refugee crisis, floods, drought, landslides, and malaria response, among others.

The JCOS informed the Germany delegation that crisis response and management in Uganda requires a multi-sectoral approach, where different crises call for different and specialized experts to bridge the identified gap. He noted that the holistic approach to crisis by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies has enabled Government to handle many threats ranging from floods, drought and landslides to refugees.

Lt Gen Musanyufu further urged the Germany crisis preventive team of experts to offer more skills to the military more especially in building the medical, engineering, and communication and air force capabilities.
However, both delegations agreed on the importance of addressing mechanisms that prevent crisis, saying it is much cheaper to prevent than to treat.

The crisis response and preventive meeting was also attended by the Charge d’Affaires a.i of the Germany Embassy Mrs. Petra Kochendoerfer and representative of the Chief of Training and Recruitment Brig James Kinalwa, among others.


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