Kampala City Crimes On Rise As Police Install 2300 CCTV Cameras


The installation of the Hi-tech CCTV cameras for the Kamapala metropolitan  area now stands at 68%.  The work has been carried out as part of the police investments in the CCTV provision across the country, on the Directive of H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Mjuseveni.

According to KMPolice,So far 2547 cameras have been installed out of 3233 (78%), sites installed are 1038 out of 1248 (83%), cameras online are 1565 out of 3233 (48.4%), trenching 1083km out of 1258km (86%), monitoring rooms on line (Divisions) 11 out of 18(61%), fibber cable laying 1000km out of 1258km (79.5%), construction of the National Center (40%).

The purpose of the use of the CCTV is to monitor public places, where they are installed to assist in the prevention and detection of crime.  The completion of phase I, of this innovative project, will mark a significant point in what is a complex and intricate project.  The program works have been huge and we are grateful to the CCTV project team for all their hard work.

Police stations in this region are also actively using the CCTV system for gathering information, supporting patrols within the KMP area, directing investigations, tackling anti-social and criminal behavior, which range from nuisance to assaults and wounding, and other offences such as burglary, robbery and murder.  The recordings show the whole incident from the point the offender began to commit an offence to the end.

KMP calls on the public should also note that the effect of CCTV cameras is enhanced when installed alongside other complementary measures, like police patrols, community vigilance, environmental designs, thus raising its credibility as a threat to offenders. The CCTV operators are constantly monitoring the areas under surveillance and passing information to the police command center, about incidents which require police response.

Some of the videos we are uploading today indicate the effect of the scheme on crime and disorder.  They will further help improve the understanding of how CCTV can be used to control crime and disorder within public places.

The security agencies are happy to note that the CCTVs are becoming a very common feature in the private sector and are increasingly being used to surveil and monitor shopping malls, banks, car parks, schools and colleges, entertainment places and tourist attractions. Although the footage from privately owned CCTVs may vary in terms of quality and volume, it is still useful for pre-incident monitoring and post-incident analysis.

There are also plans to harness footage footage’s from the private CCTV cameras and link them to the police CCTV monitoring system, after the successful completion of phase one.



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