Liberation is about every Rwandan living a dignified life – Kagame


President Kagame yesterday officially opened the Rwf8.2 billion Karama Integrated Model Village for families that were relocated from high risk zones around the City of Kigali.

“The phase of the liberation struggle we are in now is about achieving transformation and being the Rwandans and Africans we should be,” the President told thousands of residents from across Kigali City’s Nyarugenge District who had gathered at Groupe Scolaire de Karama.

Located in a village in Kigali City’s Nyarugenge District, the completed model village includes 240 apartments that will serve as homes for the relocated families.

A view of the estate that was inaugurated yesterday. Courtesy.

The village also comprises of a 24-classrooms secondary school, a two-blocks early childhood development centre and modern facilities for poultry farming as well as greenhouses.

The project, built in period of six months by Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Reserve Force, was inaugurated as part of the activities lined up for the 25th anniversary of the national liberation, which came as a result of the Rwanda Patriotic Army putting an end to the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Kagame, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of RDF, said that the model village “shows that liberation is not simply about words, it is about action”.

“It is an example of what we can accomplish and that we can do a lot more,” he said.

The President urged those who will stay in the new homes to take good care of themselves and their homes because they deserve a decent and dignified life.

“You must each play your role; beginning with taking care of the home you were given. Liberation means believing that a good life is not a right only reserved for others, every Rwandan deserves it,” he said.

He urged the residents and the rest of Rwandans to shun any beliefs that Rwanda and Africa were created to be poor and permanent beggars when the rest of the world remained prosperous.

“That is not part of my beliefs,” he said. “My belief is that within me, I have the ability and the right to live as well as anyone deserves to, anywhere in the world”.

Those who received the new homes, such as widow Maria Mukangira, thanked the President for his exemplary leadership.

“Thank you so much your Excellency. May God always bless you. The whole world should come and learn from Rwanda. There is no country with a better president who cares about the people than Rwanda,” she said.

Rwandans across the country and around the world will on Thursday celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Liberation Day, reflecting on the time when Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 was stopped and citizens embarked on the journey to transform their country and newtimes


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