Property Destroyed As Judge Murangira Orders For Eviction Of 3000 Mubende Residents

Fire busy destroying huts of the residents

There is a plight of over 3000 citizens in the neighbouring Mubende District who have been evicted by a one George Kaweesi from their 323 hectare land that was covering the villages of Kambuye, Kikono, Kyabaana, Kanseera and Lwensanga.

Their eviction comes after Judge Joseph Murangila ruled that all people who were on the contentious piece of land were stress passers.

It is said that the squatters had been occupying the said land for generations with plantations of cash crops and eucalyptus trees which were all destroyed by the said Kaweesi and his men.

After attacking their villages and destroyed property worth their livelihood and taking a life in the process, my sources say Kaweesi and the Mubende DPC arrested 28 of the victims and had them charged for murder and aggravated robbery. These people have been on remand since December 2018. Only one individual, John Ssetimba is still occupying the area under controversy but has been living in constant fear for his life due to the threats from the oppressors.

Ssetimba, with the help of colleagues, petitioned the Mubende High Court a few days ago and was able to secure a hearing on the matter. However, even when his fellow victims are still in prison and blocked from filing defences in support of the petition, court will sit on July 11th to hear his petition

.Below is the touching Letter from the Victims lawyer one Eron Kiiza


 Mafia Pounding Of An Nrm Leader In Mubende District As Punishment For Defending Over 3000 Families From Eviction  .

Being in NRM, Uganda’s ruling party for more than 30 years is supposed to be beneficial.

Not for Grace.

The NRM mafia, hungry for land, is sucking the blood of her humanity, dignity and political career as they unleash their dogs in the security and judicial systems to keep her rotting in prison.

DPC Martin OKOYO, Kaweesi George and Justice Joseph Murangira are a troublesome trio that have harassed, tortured and detained her to date.

For long, they detained her in a prison where her helpless husband works as a prison warder. Imagine having to be forced to detain your innocent wife. Imagine! Public service can be tough sometimes.

Nantubiiro Grace Birabwa is a community leader, human rights defender and a councilor representing Busale and Katabalanga villages in the Mubende Municipal Council of Mubende District.

She’s also the area NRM Caucus Chairperson. It has not helped. It has proved irrelevant. The mafia may be NRM but it doesn’t care about the party colours of its victims. All the mafia wants is your land.

On Independence Day last year, 9th October 2018, Grace Nantubiro Birabwa joined her colleague councilor Mugwabya Ronald in a meeting in Kambuye village. Soon, hell broke loose as panga wielding strangers commanded by Kaweesi George started slashing coffee, trees and banana plantations besides razing down homes in the said Kambuye village.

Grace and her colleague were arrested upon asking the destructive strangers what was going on.

She remains in detention to date her bail frustrated by a biased Justice Joseph Murangira who is in bed with her tormentors that fault her for siding with her evicted constituents against the land thirsty grabbers.

What was she to do?


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