UN Honours 22 Police Officers For Defending South Sudan Govt


The United Nations Mission in South Sudan  (UNMISS) leadership has honored twenty-two (22) Individual Police Officers (IPOs) from Uganda for their invaluable contribution to the professional growth of South Sudan National Police Force (SSNPF) officers.

UNMISS has a mandate to protect civilians, train, mentor and the overall reforms and restructuring interventions such as observance of human rights, rule of law among others.
The UNMISS Police Commissioner, Unaisi Lutu Vuniwaqua, who represented the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) awarded the medalists with special United Nations medals as a token of appreciation for their sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance towards building the capacity of SSNPF.

She also commended the Uganda Police Force (UPF) for deploying to the mission capable IPOs with 36% women.

The Commissioner added that since the IPOs deployment on October 01, 2018, the officers have been making great contributions towards the implementation of UNMISS mandate.
She applauded AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe, the UPF director for peace support operations for finding time to visit the troops, adding that it gives a lot of motivation to the officers on a mission.

AIGP Turyagumanawe also thanked the officers who were awarded for their hard work and great services that they have rendered to Africa as a developing continent.


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