People Power Movt Will Vanish Before 2021 Elections-Gen. Ali

First Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda Gen Moses Ali has described himself as the cock of West Nile and warned People Power Movement that it has no future.

“Every home has a cock and that cock is in charge of the home. West Nile has a cock and he is speaking right now,” he sent his audience in bouts of laughter.

Ali was addressing the Elders Forum during the Germany-Uganda Symposium held at Muni University, Arua District on Thursday.

He thanked President Museveni’s NRA for the betterment of West Nile.

Gen Ali addressing the symposium

“The Peace of the Ugandan people must be protected jealously,” Ali said.

He clarified: “This prevailing peace did not fall from heaven, people have sacrificed for it.”

Ali advised people of West Nile to utilize the Germany-Uganda Symposium to promote agriculture through Wealth Creation.

“The peace of the Ugandan people must be guarded jealousy. Without peace you can’t do anything.”

On people power

Ali used the opportunity to launch an attack on Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s People Power, saying it will not survive for long.

“What is the difference between this people power with the power given to the people within the constitution?” he wondered.

He said the constitution says power belongs to the people. “Which power again is for the people here which is not in the constitution?”

“For me it puzzles me. It puzzles me. There is a clause in the constitution which says that power can be used. You can’t just use it the way you want.”

Ali paused for his listeners to take in the message. They responded with a loud applause.

“This People Power which I don’t understand, I don’t think it will not survive because we have already catered for the power.”

He said the ruling NRM has opened up avenues for people who want to share in the governance of the country from LC1 to LCV to MP and those who want to stand for president.

“If you want to do something that is not in the constitution, then you will meet resistance,” he warned. edgeug


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