Police Arrests Matuga ATM Conman


Police in Matuga has arrested a notorious criminal who has been robbing people at ATM machines.
Atukwasa Julius, a resident of Kitagata Town Council, Sheema district was arrested yesterday at one of the ATM machines in Matuga where he was pretending to help a woman to withdraw money but with intentions of stealing her money.

The woman was clever and noticed what he was doing and alerted the public who arrested him and handed him over to Police.
Atukwasa moves with very many ATM cards and hangs around ATM machines, waiting for people to rob in the pretence that he is helping them.
When you allow him to help you, he masters your Pincode and later he exchanges your ATM card with his, then he goes to the next ATM machine and withdraws your money.
Atukwasa admits that he has been doing this in Sheema but he ran away when Police was looking for him.


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