President M7 Replies Bazzukulu On his plans To Crush People Power


Fellow Ugandans and, Particularly, the Bazzukulu.

Greetings, again. I thank all the people that read my message and those who responded. My last message was on the 16th of August 2019. First of all, I want to appreciate the following people: Twesigye Dalaus; Engineer Kennedy Amon; Ibambalam; Falisco Ayom Madut Pakak; Ssebunya Shafique; Freud Lama; Tugume Hapi; Kayiwa (@Kayiwa85802119); Aine Derrick; Edgar Kassujja; Aine Derrick, again; Matic Lubega; Village Boy- Juma; Businge Robert; Julie Mirembe; Meregulwa Moses; Musoke Nyanja; Moses Tokwiny; Godfrey Ahimbisibwe; Muwanga Moses; Edm Nakasala; Kateizi Deo; Andrew Kibuuka; John Canary Walimbwa; George Ongom; Tonny Okello; Robert Rwase; Ben Da Don; Robert Bugembe; Mwaka Simon Peter; Mukhala Leonard; Robert Tukamuhaabwa; Ratibu Abdul; Tumwebaze Alex; Jimmy Alemiga; Manzi George; Nyende Ronald; Kambasu Obed; Almeida Nikolai; Ron Azinga; Kushaba Vincent; Kesh Sekandi; Farouk Goobi; Ojwang Zach; Mwesigye Ivan; Angel Jaspa; Irad; Napokoli Cletus; Atwijukire Senior; Kabiito Kato;, Samuel Busingye; Eunice Nanziri; Audax Muperasoka; Muhereza Dan; Oquals Jr Peter; Opolot Patrick; Twongyeirwe Daniel; Dennis Naika; Kamuntu John; Vincent Adriko;, Becky Sanger; Pataki Pataki; Emmanuel Odeke; Okamo Emar; Ochen Tonny; Komugisha Nick; Mushabe Dennis; Kalyowa Atanansi; Maria de la Rosa; Wilberforce Masay; Vincent Mutaawe; GNz Stewart; Phinias Biseko; Sam Kutesa; Hashim Kinz; Ssempala Ahmed; Segawa; Keine Rwamafa; Spider web; Gad Ruzaaza; lgga Kigongo; Raymond Sembatya; Abu Tahir; Mufasa; Kayiwa; Denis Rujagu; Rugoosi; Pamela Ankunda; Hamza- Zalema; Wabinyai Fidel; Twala Laban; Desmond Ayesigwa; Kabagambe Balirora;

Godfrey Begumisa; Innocent Mwijukye; Bigdog; Bagaine Aidan; Richard Lusimbo; Peter Jr; kisala Pius; Amanya Edmund; Irad; etc etc

I appreciate their support and understanding. With Rhetoric Babe (Emerald’s mum @Ritahntaori), I am sorry I did not see your name. Sober Muzzukulu (@stevekizire), that message was not Don Wanyama “kuzanyira kumitwe gy’abantu”. It was the old man, himself. When necessary, I will directly come in to challenge wrong ideas, or, to emphasize the right ideas.  Ideas are the compass of progress.

Shinil Abubaker (@shinil_abubaker) appreciates but says that the people I gave power misuse it and that “I am aware”. Abubaker, where I am aware, I take action. Inform IGG or Nakalema and they will act. Besides, Abubaker, ever since the NRM came to power in 1986, we arranged for people to elect their leaders – Councillors, mayors, LC-5 Chairpersons, MPs etc. These should be able to address those Local problems. If they are not doing it, challenge them. With clear evidence of wrong- doing, there is no official that cannot be held accountable.

Edgar Kasujja (@KASUJJAEDGAR) appreciates but challenges Ugandans to be patriotic. There are Patriotic Ugandans. I led some in the wars of Resistance. What do you think those thousands were fighting for? Were they being paid? Many died in those wars. What was motivating them? Patriotism. It is also true that there are many unpatriotic people. Let the Patriots identify one another and coalesce.

Village Boy Juma did well to advise the youth to be serious and disciplined and use the available opportunities. In our case, as youth, we did not have many opportunities to use. Instead, we had many dangers to face and we faced them, but also used the few opportunities. When we carried out the anti – nomadism campaign, it was during the UPC time- 1967-70.
Meregulwa Moses wants us to emphasize IT because many of the youth are poor; they do not have capital for farming. In my recent message, I concentrated on Agriculture because I was focusing on the 68% portion of the households that work only for the stomach (tic me cam Keken). Otherwise, in all my writings, I always talk of the four sectors: Commercial Agriculture; Industry (factories); Services (banks, hotels, tourism, transport etc); and ICT (such as BPO). Ours, has always been a multi-sectoral approach. That is why point no.5 in the NRM programme was to; “build an independent, Integrated, and self – Sustaining economy”. What would be “integrated”? The different sectors already mentioned.

Muwanga Moses, thanks me for clarifying and is considering voting for me for the first time. Your comments challenge the NRM leaders to be more persuasive. Our track record is unrivalled. They have a heritage that they should be proud of and that they should share with the others. I thank Moses for considering joining the Revolution.

Edm Nakasala is worried about my “worryingly old people”. Nakasala, I also have young people, even in the cabinet- Evelyn Anite, Namuganza, Kibuule, Galabuzi etc. This is not to talk of the other levels of Gov’t. There are youth MPs, youth councillors etc. When we talk of youth, do not think of biology, think of ideology- what to do and how. A correctly oriented youth is what Africa needs. You can be young biologically but have old ideas, or you can be old but have young (new) ideas.

That is what we did when we were young. That is how we were able to confront very serious Problems.

Andrew Kibuuka is happy with my 5-4 acres model of agriculture. Precisely, with only 4 acres, you can earn more than sh.100 million from coffee, fruits, dairy farming, poultry rearing, pig rearing and fish farming. I have four fish ponds at Kawumu in half- an acre of land, but my people earn Sh. 64million in a year.

John Canary Walimbwa is appreciative but points out, rightly, that in Mbale most youth are: landless, propertyless and the leaders they elect do not care about development. That was exactly our disagreement with the leaders of both UPC and DP in the 1960s. It says in the book of Galatians 6:7 that “Whatever a man sows, that is what he reaps”. Mbale, Kabaale, the Rwenzori etc, are some of the most fertile portions of the whole globe, with cold, pleasant climate. Yet, those very areas and many others have now been disabled by bad human settlement – land fragmentation etc- to the extent that the youth of the area are now in that predicament. Yet, in the 1960s, we started pointing out these issues. Granted, Amin came in and disrupted any intelligent debate. That is why we had to change strategy from engagement to confrontation. Nevertheless, ever since the NRM restored an atmosphere of discussion, debate and peace in 1986, many of the leaders never bother to address the destiny of the ordinary people. Many actors never bother with what the people eat, how they earn good incomes, how inheritance is done to ensure sustainable prosperity etc. etc. Instead, they only talk about power. In the State of the Nation address, I pointed out that when I started sensitizing the people of North Ankole about the similar issues of food security, income security, inheriting without destroying, education, health etc, I was in the opposition DP. I could not wait for DP to come in power before I start telling my relatives, my community and any people that I could access about their livelihood and destiny. If I did that, I would be their enemy. It is not yet too late. We have seen the consequences of sterile or, even, poisonous politics. Let us now go for people saving politics. I, therefore, welcome Walimbwa’s advice to the Youth on: frugality; avoiding alcoholism and promiscuity; studying society; rejecting sectarianism; and being altruistic and helping others. There is alot of money in the society that is squandered. How do I know this? I am told the consumption of beer in Uganda is 9.5 litres per capita, according to World Health Organization. Is this beer donated or is it paid for? This is equal to Sh. 31.71bn in 2017 according to Uganda Revenue Authority.

The spirits consumed per annum are 26.0 litres per capita. This is equal to Sh.28.28bn in 2017. This does not include the local brews like Kwete, enguli etc. The parish of Rwengaaju, just relying on their own savings, now have Saccos of sh. 324 million and 2,045 homesteads (amaka) are now engaged in food security and income generation. Their landholding is only one acre per homestead, but they have gone for the enterprises of poultry farming, piggery and dairy. They just listened to my message of 2008. Moreover, wealth and jobs are not only in Agriculture. I have told you repeatedly of the other 3 Sectors: Industry, Services and ICT. In developed countries, the majority of people are in Industry, Services and ICT.


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