Passenger Dies In Kiwatule Road Accident

One person has been confirmed dead in an accident that occurred in Kiwatule. The accident that involved nine motor vehicles and two motorcycles happened during the morning rush hour at Kiwatule-Najeera intersection on Thursday.

William Matovu, 32, a rider, died at Independent Hospital where he had been taken for treatment, Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said.

A Sino truck carrying construction materials failed to brake and rammed into nine vehicles and two motorcycles at around 8am. The truck driver was travelling from Naalya to Kampala when the accident happened.

“Many people were injured and were taken in different medical centres. Police have sent different teams to several medical centres to pick details from them. As of now, we don’t know the number of people injured in the accident,” Owoyesigyire said.

The accident caused heavy traffic jam in the area, but the police later cleared the road of debris and vehicles are now moving normally. Several cars that were damaged have been towed to the police station.

Owoyesigyire said police haven’t yet established with certainty why the driver of the truck failed to brake.

“The driver of the truck is on the run. When we get him, he or she will be able to give us some of the details of what happened before the accident,” he said.

In April this year, a truck failed to brake and ploughed through a number of cars at Kira Road traffic lights. At least one person died while 16 people were injured.

Last month, a truck failed to brake and killed a pedestrian at the same section.
Although truck accidents in Kampala Metropolitan area are very few, they have triggered an outcry by the public and transport experts for tight regulations against them.

Transport experts want trucks carrying fuel and merchandise operating in the Central Business District to operate only at night.By DM Andrew Bagala


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