Am Not On the List Of USA’s Most Wanted Ugandan Officials -Ofwono Opondo


The Uganda Government Spokes Person Ofwono Opondo has distanced self and denied allegations circulating on social media that he was denied a US travel Visa.

Opondo through a tweet on Tuesday November 12, lashed social media critics saying he’s comfortable in Uganda and there’s no need and urgency as to why he should travel to the US.

“Very Fake News. I have not been to the US embassy in Uganda in a very long time, and have no need to travel to the US. I’m very comfortable in Uganda and more in Mulanda,” Opondo’s tweet reads.

Ofwono Opondo tweet responding to social media claims

The development comes after this website reported that several high-ranking security officers and ministers in the ruling NRM government have been indicted by the United States for travel and economic sanctions while others are closely being monitored.

Judiciary officials, including Chief Justice Bart Katureebe, were recently subjected to humiliating questions as they sought to travel to the United States of America while the Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana, was blocked from travel amid the continued fallout over sanctions.

A month ago, the US slapped travel and economic sanctions on former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura over his alleged involvement in gross violations of human right.

And now sources have intimated to this website that as many as five senior army officials and ministers have been indicted by the US on a list that was signed off by President Donal Trump recently.

The list remains a privately guarded matter but sources have revealed that most of the named officials are those who in the recent past have been implicated in cases of money laundering, illegal exploitation of mineral resources, drug and wildlife trafficking.

The USA watch-list of potential inductees in Uganda includes several senior officers in police and security agencies and, some cabinet ministers, sources said.

Some military officials reportedly on the list are those accused of commanding military operations that have resulted in the death of civilians.

Sources privy to the matter have intimidated to this website that while President Museveni has moved to downplay the impact of the sanctions, they may have far-reaching effects on Uganda’s economy.

Museveni is now relying on China for military and other financial aid, a move sources said has rubbed the Americans the wrong way.


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