FDC Head Quarters Robbed Clean,Security Guard Arrested With Stolen Property

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) offices have been broken into and vandalized for a second time in three years.

In the latest attack on Monday night, at least four computers and printers were allegedly stolen from the offices of the party’s Secretary General and Electoral Commission in Najjanankumbi.

Some of the desks that were broken into inside FDC offices

According to Brenda Atuzarirwe who was the first to enter office on Tuesday morning, she found the doors open.

“I reached at the office at 8.30am only to find the door wide open yet I am the only one with the keys. When I checked inside, the wires from the computers were all broken and some computers had been taken. I then informed my bosses who also informed police about the incident,” Atuzarirwe said told a local daily.

Investigations are still ongoing with the Security Officer detained at Najjanankumbi Police Station to assist with the investigations.

Later on FDC released a statement saying a sniffer dog had identified a security guard as one of the thugs that broke into their offices.


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