M7 Coax 25 French Firms To Invest In Uganda ,Assures Them Security

President Yoweri Museveni has invited 25 French companies to invest in Uganda, such that they can create employment for Ugandans on top of boosting the country’s economy.

Some of the French Investors with officials from then Private Sector Foundation

According to a statement issued by the French embassy in Uganda, a French business delegation of more than 25 companies will visit Uganda from November 25 to 26, 2019 to explore business opportunities, invest in Uganda and create trade partnerships.

The Business Delegation, an initiative of MEDEF International – the French business Confederation with 170,000 member companies and ten million employees supported by the Ugandan embassy in Paris, the French embassy in Kampala and Ugandan authorities, will be led by Momar Nguer, Chairman of the Africa Committee of MEDEF International, who is also the President Marketing and Services and member of the Executive Committee of Total.

According to the statement from the embassy, the Delegation will mainly discuss major opportunities and challenges affecting the country.

“The French companies are eager to develop their activities, partnerships, and investments in Uganda,” the embassy said.

The delegation includes firms like Omexom Major Projects, Total Marketing & Services, Ponticelli Frères, Ragni SAS, Société Générale, Sogea Satom, Suez International, Thalès, BRL Ingénierie, Vinci Concessions and Airbus Helicopters.

The firms represent a large range of sectors such as transport, infrastructure development, industrial projects, aeronautics, logistics, utilities, energy (including renewable energy), water management, ICT, banking and financial services, service to government, among others.

With the support of the MEDEF International counterpart and the private sector foundation of Uganda (PSFU), French business leaders will have the opportunity to meet with high ranking Ugandan authorities and business leaders during the two-day event.

“Trade between Uganda and France can definitely do better. We (France) do not believe that there can be development in Africa without SMEs. However, we should not forget the big companies,” said Jules-Armand Aniambossou, the Ambassador of France to Uganda.

Aniambossou added  that “The embassy is planning a day and a half return visit for Ugandan firms to meet and benchmark the very best French firms in Agriculture and Tourism at the sidelines of the 2020 Africa- France summit in Bordeaux.”

The fast-developing economy in Uganda and growth of 6% in 2018, as well as its fast-growing population, were highlighted in the embassy’s statement as major factors for the interest of French companies in Uganda


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