Matchete Wielding Thugs Clobber NTV’s Zungululu Presenter Kyeyune To Coma


Popular NTV journalist Ivan Kyeyune,  who is behind the voicing of a comic skit called ‘Zungululu’, should go and eat his chicken after he survived being hacked to death by thugs  on Sunday night as he returned home.

Ivan Kyeyune shows his chopped hand after being stitched

Spy Uganda has learnt that Kyeyune is currently admitted at a city health centre (name withheld on request) nursing the terrible wounds he sustained during the attack.

Kyeyune , also a former presenter at Simba FM, was hacked by the thugs on the hand and he sustained a very deep cut which has since been stitched by medics.

This is the injury he sustained

He said “I was cut on the left hand as one thug tried to hack me on the head  but the panga got my hand  and nearly chopped it off!”

Ivan Kyeyune in hospital after getting medical attention

Kyeyune is currently out of danger but  it is alleged that the attack was plotted by the boda-boda rider he used!

He is however not yet in good condition to record at a statement with police about the gruesome attack.


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