Who Killed Late Gen.Rwigema’s Sister Joy Agaba

No news media has mentioned her death in Rwanda & until her passing is satisfactorily explained with empirical evidence, to counter what has already been gathered, this was nothing less than an assassination, either through an attack at her home & strangulation or poisoning. The former being more likely from what is trickling in .

All those involved in the assassination, the world will know you, tack you down and bring you to face justice.

My prayers go out to the family of Madam Joy Agaba. May her soul RIP. To Mama Fred, may the Lord give her strength to carry this cup of suffering?

  1. She was widowed early in her life when her husband died while they stayed at the Kahungye camp.
  2. She raised Fred and his two younger sisters as a widow and refugee.
  3. She lost Fred Rwigema, his first born, when he was yet in his youthful years.
  4. Fred’s wife added to the number of widows in the House to make them 2 and orphans increased to 4.
  5. Now Joy Agaba is gone,there is a widower added to the house and the number of opharns has increased to 7.
  6. This old lady who goes by the name: Mama Fred (Katarina Mukandirima; needs players from all empathetic individuals.
  7. Joy Agaba has lived in Kiyovu; a Kigali Suburb where she run a number of service businesses.

By Gideon Rukundo Rugari GLP


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