Angry M7 Rejects A Meeting With Unruly 500 NRM Youth Who Stormed State House Entebbe,Demanding Money

On Monday, at least 500 National Resistance Movement [NRM] youth camped at State House Entebbe seeking to meet President Museveni.

The youth who were led a one Henry Kajubi wanted to petition the president over the challenges they have gone through while working with the NRM Secretariat since 2016.

After failing to meet him through party leaders, the youth timed the weekly cabinet meeting and stormed State House.

At the gate, they were denied access since they had no appointment.

They decided to camp there until the president agreed to meet them.

It was NRM General Secretary, Justine Kasule Lumumba, who intervened and promised that Museveni would meet them on December 17, 2019.

To break the camp, Lumumba lured the youth away with a Shs30,000 transport refund.


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