Mps Narrowly Lynch Minister Kania For Defending Police Brutality On Dr.Besigye

Members of Parliament have condemned the Police for the way they brutally handle Opposition politicians citing the recent arrest of Dr Kizza Besigye.
This followed a statement by the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Hon Obiga Kania where he said that the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) deserved to be arrested on 4th November, 2019 in Nakawa.
The Minister’s statement followed a directive by the Speaker of Parliament where Parliament demanded an explanation on the continued brutal arrest and detention of opposition politicians.
Dr. Besigye was coming from Namboole Stadium where he and other party members intended to hold a one-day seminar on governance but were, blocked by the police..
Obiga Kania said that the FDC failed to meet the requirements as stipulated in  the Public Management Order Act which included; proof of permission from the owner of the venue and that the use of  parking lot of Namboole Stadium was unacceptable as it was a public space.
“I want to allay the fears of the public that this government is out to frustrate political party activities yet it was at the forefront of the multi-party drive led by the President,” Obiga Kania added.
The Minister insisted that the police cannot stop anyone from holding a meeting as long as it is within the law. He also added that the police used reasonable force to handle the Dr Besigye adding that the opposition leader deserved the treatment meted on him.
Members of Parliament across the political divide disagreed with the Minister on the way the police handled the entire situation from blocking the meeting to the arrest.
Bunyole West MP, Hon. James Waluswaka said that he was disappointed with the way the police behaves when handling opposition politicians noting that the police brutality is uncalled for.
“The government should not waste their time frustrating these politicians; they should not brutalise these politicians,” Waluswaka added.

Hon Waluswaka condemned the police brutality

Ndorwa East MP, Hon Wilfred Niwagaba said that the police has consistently abused the Public Order Management Act defying its stipulations.
“The law is clear and it states that if anyone intends to hold a public gathering they should notify the police, not request it for permission which the police seems to interpret by turning down many of the opposition gatherings,” he added.

Bukonzo West MP, Hon Atkins Katusabe said the minister’s statement was uncalled for describing it as shocking with no remorse at all.
“Human beings are to be treated with dignity, respect and honour. You are instead justifying the brutality of the police on the opposition, “ he said.



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