Besigye Sues EC Officials Byabakama,Sam Rwakojo Being In Offices Illegally’


The People’s Government [PG] has filed an application to the High Court seeking for orders to remove Electoral Commission Chairperson Simon Byabakama and Secretary Sam Rwakoojo from office.

“Both are holding their offices illegally,” said PG President Kizza Besigye while addressing press Friday on Plot 6 Katonga Road, Nakasero.

Simon Byabakama, who is the 2nd Responded in the Application, is serving as EC Chairman and yet he never relinquished/or resigned his position as Justice of the Court of Appeal.

Therefore the application seeks to get a declaration of court to the effect that Byabakama is holding his position at EC illegally and prohibit him from serving in that capacity.

For Sam Rwakoojo, his second and final term as EC secretary expired in September 2019 and therefore acting in his capacity illegal since he is not liable for reappointment.

The application seeks a declaration that whatever decisions Byabakama and Rwakoojo are taking are illegal, null and void.

The Applicants include Deputy President Erias Lukwago, Speaker of the National People’s Assembly and Deputy Oduman Okello & Cissy Nabatanzi, FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Prime Minister Proscovia Salaamu-Musumba, Information Minister Mp Bakireke Nambooze, Minister for Presidency Wafula Oguttu, Internal Affairs Minister Ingrid Turinawe Hon. Jack Sabiiti, Duputy Minister for Planning and Economic Development Michael Kabaziguruka, Nyanjura Doreen and Okello Kennedy, Health and Deputy Ministers Ekwaru and Dominic Wakabi.

Addressing media, Besigye said besides occupying offices illegally, the manner in which Electoral Commission is conducting the National Voter Register Update is equally dubious.

Besigye says elections are necessary but elections must be free and fair and organized in accordance with the law.

By Ronald Muhinda

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