Am Now A Fieldmarshal – City Tycoon Kirumira Brags After UPDF’ Beatings

City tycoon who doubles as the chairman of Bagagga Kwagalana group, Godfrey Kirumira, has bragged and called himseld a fieldmercial after battling out Uganda Peoples Defence forces (UPDF) soldiers attached to the deputy coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Lt. Gen. Charles Angina.

Kirumira was involved in a land ownership brawl earlier in November at International Hotel in Muyenga that brought him trouble, including the army beatings.

“I recently fought against Army general, I think am now a field marital, most people joke with me but am not that simple. Sembatya knows me.  I want to thank Kajoba, Posiano Ngabirano who witnessed me fighting against UPDF officers in the presence of police who feared to engage themselves in the battle.

Kirumira said he almost lost zeal he however, realized that his property may be taken under dubious circumstances, and this prompted him to generate more energy in the bid to protect his property.

“I said to myself that I can’t be robbed off a hotel I bought over 20 years. Someone bought off my neighbours mortgage from the bank and because he knows Gen. Angina, he thought he will take my land as well but I fought for my rights,” he said.

He said the army officers who were involved in the scum were later nabbed and taken to the military police, “who would do that. They can only fight me in media, but you can’t because I have done a lot and God loves me,” he said.

He encouraged people to build God’s houses in this country. “Don’t not only build churches, but mosques too, do it without hesitating and God will reward you,” he said.


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