Shock As Christians Accuse Kinkizi Diocese Bishop Zoreka Of Corruption

As the country is celebrating the Anti Corruption walk which was led by the president of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Museveni, Shocking revelation has emerged from South western Uganda where a top religious leader Bishop Dan Zoreka’s immersed wealth has perplexed the nation.

This comes after one of the senior church members unearthed his dark side of the world with dubious deals which have made him one of the richest religious leaders in that countryside.

TheCapitaltimes has managed to ascertain documents pinning Bishop Zoreka who is reportedly to have swindled money mounting to twenty billion shillings (Shs20bn).

whistle blowers letter to the ArchBishop

part of the whistle-blower’s letter

According to the whistle-blower one John Bindeba armed with his evidence he has written a dossier to Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali to interdict Bishop Zoreka because a section of worshipers feel that he is not a clean Godly man to lead them to the promised land of canan.

Below is John Bindeba’s shocking dossier to Archbishop Stanely Ntagali



30 NOVEMBER 2019



I greet you once again in the name of the highest God.

After writing to you a letter dated 28, November,2019 many Christians from Kinkizi diocese were notified and through a whatsap group have volunteered information from which I have noted the following as stated in this addendum ;

The Bishop has/owns cows or livestock that are kept and maintained at the school farm at the school’s expense and this has disturbed believers who have gone ahead to disclose that the said Bishop is insisting on payment of a contractor who put up a storied building at the same school and the structure is in a sorry state as the contractor did shoddy work and it is just on ground floor. The contractor is the husband to Rev. Stella Arenaitwe, the Education Coordinator and the Reverend to the Bishop. (A photograph of the structure is attached to this letter for your reference).

I have also landed on photographs of the Bishops multibillion mansion which is estimated at 3 billion Ugx and another mansion belonging to the Diocesan Secretary which is estimated at 1 billion Ugx and photographs of these mansions are attached on this letter and labeled 2 and 3 respectively.

I have information that there is a relationship between the Bishop’s wife and the Diocesan Secretary and I have been given photos some of which I have attached to this letter showing the scandalous conduct of the Diocesan Secretary.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) money that was talked about in my earlier letter is said to have been shared between the Diocesan Secretary, Treasurer and the Bishop and believers have pointed at mansions of these office bearers as evidence to this allegation.

I have information that KICOD SACCO which started in 2008 with many members with capital of over 2.5 Billion at that time and the Chairperson being the Diocesan treasurer collapsed in 2015 and the above mentioned office bearers hove never called a shareholder’s meeting and the shareholders are threatening to sue them. One business man from Kanungu has promised to get them a lawyer to institute a suit against them which in my view will be very embarrassing to the Church. (Attached are some of the copies of the saving and loans pass books of members)

The Bishop, RT REV.DAN ZOREKA and the two mentioned officials on behalf of the church bought land at Bugongo. The seller had offered it at Ugx. 40 million before negotiations however the three purchased it at an inflated price of Ugx.100 million and benefited from the additional Ugx.60 Million.

I will also inform you about the Nyamwegabira Centenary Project where the building has been condemned, a one Rev. Stella Arinaitwe is the Diocesan Education Co-coordinator and her husband is the contractor of most church projects but most of them have been poorly handled. Although the building was condemned, the Bishop directed that the contractor should be paid a full contractual sum and it was paid.

Ngoto Complex where the Diocesan Secretary and the Treasurer deceived Christians that they were going to construct a five storied building for a hotel. They began collecting money from Christians and other well wishers without approved building plans and building quantities. On the day of the launch they only downloaded a photo from the computer intended to deceive the public. Uganda Shillings 138 million was raised on that day.

However to date no activity is taking place at the site and no accountability has been made. The only activity going on is on the private construction sites of all the three.

Mr. Kenneth Kanyankole is a Diocesan Secretary but he has since assumed the role f the Sub-Dean for example when you came to say farewell to the Diocese Mr.Kanyankole took over the role of the sub-Dean, he behaves as if he is the Bishop and him together with the wife of the Bishop are the ones in charge of the Diocese. For every function he takes over the role of the Bishop who keeps on looking and this state of affairs is worrying to both the Clergy and Laity.

There are so many things that are not going on well for example the Bishop’s wife supplies firewood to Kinkizi High School and Nyakabungo, the Diocesan Treasurer Supplies Uniforms and they are promptly paid yet so many staff/Clergy have not been paid for Months which is demotivating and frustrating. Even when the Bishop, The Diocesan Secretary, Treasurer and the Education Coordinator are benefitting from supply of services and foods or items to the Church of Uganda Schools in the Diocese, they consider them to be sub standard for their children. They have vowed that their children will never study from such sub standard schools as the Bishop cannot even send his Children to Nyakatare primary School where his wife teaches.

The Bishop frustrated the Government’s plan to establish a college of Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The plans were under way and top management of the University. Nyamwegabira the proposed site they agreed to implement the government’s plan and the whole aim was for skilling the youth. However due to the Bishops open hostility and opposition to government, he deliberately frustrated the project and by now the people of Kanungu would be having the said college.

All the three officers have continued to do irregular things and it is alleged that they do them for their private gain and now wrangles have come up and the Bishop claims there are plots to poison him and what is not clear to us as believers is that he claims the plot had been on for about two years yet he had never reported the same to anybody. It is believed that KERODA a guest house belongs to the Diocesan secretary and that he received money in form of a donation for a church project and he used it to construct or develop a guest house.

When they were constructing the Sub-Deans house Mr.Kanyankole received money from the Kampala group and when he was handing over the house to the sub-Dean he told him that he used his 20 Million and the Church paid him but it is alleged that what he collected from the Kampala group and from the Cathedral was enough to finish the house, the new sub-Dean is still repaying some debts which is unfair to Christians.

We have information that the Bishop impregnated his former house girl and has failed on Child support and the girl would like to express her displeasure and to have DNA conducted as the Bishop is denying her Child Parental care which has given a very bad image to the Diocese. We have talked to the girl and she says it happened before Rev. Zoreka Dan a.k.a Powel Mugisha became a bishop and with all due respect he ought not to have become a Bishop given his moral conduct.

The church has started a habit of compulsory thanks giving every Sunday which Christians are condemning since they have failed to trace the proceeds of the thanks giving. This whole thing of forcing and isolating people over thanks giving’s was started by Mr. Kanyankole but in my view thanks giving should be voluntary.

Finally we appeal to all Christians and well wishers not to give Kinkizi Diocese more money until the three office bearers have accounted for all the money in their charge, the 2 Billion from UNRA, the SACCO money, the land titles and everything that I have mentioned above and I will recommend that the report of accountability for the money should be made public and availed to all Christians.


  1. A structure of Kinkizi High School Boys Dormitory where money was give or passed to the Bishop and he never accounted for it, shoddy work was done by the contractor and the Bishop is insisting that he should be paid.
  2. Bishop Dan Zoreka’s 3 Billion House does not match with his earnings.
  3. Kinkizi Diocesan Secretary’s house under construction valued at about 1 Billion besides KERODA guest house while Church projects are in a sorry state.
  4. Photos of the alleged relationship between the Diocesan Secretary and the Bishops wife and we were shocked to hear the Bishop saying that people are telling him of Mr. Kanyankole going out with his wife and he says it is not true but we have more overwhelming pictures which we can produce and what we think of this conduct is that it is scandalous and not good for the church especially when people who are close to the church to that extent are involved.
  5. The house of the Diocesan treasurer, Fabith Katurebe valued at over 2 Billion Uganda Shillings does not match or reflect her earnings.

My requests in the said circumstance in addition to what is mentioned in my Complaint dated 28th November, 2019 are here under.

  1. a) Rev. Benon Nkwasibwe who does not have qualifications for a priest should be removed immediately.
  2. b) Clergy with forged or irregular academic papers should step down before we pursue them for impersonation and causing financial loss to Church projects.
  3. c) Defrock the Bishop since he does not have the qualifications, he was expelled at Butiti TTC, does not have any Certificate and has mismanaged the Diocese, he worked as a licensed teacher and we don’t know how he ended up in Mukono. He should therefore explain his qualification.
  4. d) All in all the three office bearers above mentioned should be relieved of their duties to pave way for investigation and I put it clearly well that the allegations above are from Christians and or the people of Kinkizi Diocese and Rev.

I have decided to communicate to you instead of taking the path of the press and media. I hope for a quick response on this.

Yours faithfully,




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