Weep As Bududa Landslide Death Toll Rises To Six,46 Go Missing


At least two more bodies of the fresh Bududa landslide victims have been recovered, bringing a number of bodies  of the landslide victims to six that have been recovered. More than 30 other people are still unaccounted. The landslides occurred on Tuesday following heavy rains.

The rains that reportedly started around 11:00PM on Monday pounded the area for over 20 hours triggering landslides that destroyed Naposhi and Namasa villages in Bushika Sub County. 38 houses are estimated to have been destroyed, according to the local leaders. Each of the affected households had between three to twelve people believed to have been buried in the mud.

Currently, residents are using rudimentary tools to extract the bodies of the landslide victims from the underground. Wilson Watira, the Bududa District LC V chairperson, said the tools being used to search for the bodies are inadequate.

He wants government to provide machines that can help in the search for the remains of the landslide victims. Watira says the landslides displaced more than 300 people in the two villages.

Charles Wakinya, a resident of Naposhi village narrated that the hardship they are going through to try to retrieve the bodies from the mud.

He added that  the communities are trying their best but they are constrained by man power and limited tools.   

Samson Natasambwa, the Bududa District Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, said the affected people are yet to receive any form of relief.

He said they are currently advising the affected people to seek refuge in their relative’s homes or neighborhood, schools and churches as they wait for response from the Office of the Prime Minister.   


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