BobiWine Can Win Elections If M7 Is Not Yet Still Power Drunk _Activist Godber

Activist Godber Tumushabe has said that it is very insidious to give the impression that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine breaks the law

“What the regime has done is excel in adjusting the law to the extent that when you adjust to act within the law, you are seen to be breaking it,” Tumushabe said Thursday morning while appearing on NBS television.

Tumushabe, the Associate Director at the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS), said it is insidious to say that Bobi Wine is being used.

“Those in government should be able to tell us who the person is. If being used breeds crime, Bobi Wine should be able to be tried,” he noted.

“I look at NRM as a cult organisation with a chief priest. I don’t even believe the multi-party democracy can work under such conditions. NRM has captured the state.”

According to Tumushabe, a national election is the citizen’s mandate.

He said in an election where President Museveni is a candidate, the Electoral Commission with the way it is set can never announce a new president.

“Our challenge as Uganda is the discord between planning and politics. Most of our decisions are political and this causes major distortion in our planning and policies.”

Natural disasters

“At a general level, you want to give the government the leeway that some of these national disasters sometimes overwhelm the national infrastructure,” Tumushabe said while commenting on recent floods.

He said the contingency fund is a post mortem issue and the best disaster response target is one that looks at the issues that make the disasters happen.

“This country is littered with a lot of fragile issues. A comprehensive disaster strategy would deal with how we handle all of this. We have systematically destroyed the natural environment.”

He said what the government needs to be doing is bringing together the three pillars of development which include economic development, environmental protection and social development intruder to mitigate some of the negative consequences.

Sustainable development is the ability of a generation to meet their own needs without compromising the future generation, he noted.

“However, the issue in Uganda and the surrounding areas is that some of these disasters have become predictable. The police are supposed to be at the core of any disaster.”edge



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