Security Guard Jailed For Assaulting Singer Angella Katatumba At Chicken Tonight

On Friday the 13th of December 2019 at 9am, the Magistrate His Worship Allan Gakyaro of Makindye court has passed a ruling after a full year of hearing the famous Chicken Tonight case.

The convicted Security Guard Denis Okirot, has been sentenced to One and a half years in prison for the grievous harm he caused the”Mulago Yaffe” star Angella Katatumba.

On April 1st 2018, the staff of Chicken Tonight attacked and assaulted Oniel Burke aka Kuzi and Singer Angella Katatumba, who had gone for a late night bite after a long day at the studio.

The security guard Okirot Denis who was aggravated by Angella Katatumba attempting to defend Kuzi when the staff were beating him up, took things to an extreme, when he in particular, mercilessly beat Angella unconscious, causing her grievious harm, of which crime, he has now been sentenced to prison for a year and a half.

It should also be remembered that, all the three Chicken Tonight staff spent almost a month in Luzira prison on remand, at the very beginning of the case.

Angella and her lawyer

*Part one* of the famous Angella Katatumba Vs Chicken Tonight Criminal case that took the country by storm, including the neighboring regions and even crossed over seas, has been concluded in Angella’s favour.

Angella Katatumba’s lawyer Counsel Julius Turinawe, told press that, this is just the beginning of Chicken Tonight’s woes because, there is *part two.*

Angella also opened a civil case at High Court demanding Shs600M in damages and in compensation from the management of Chicken Tonight, for the highly irresponsible acts of their employees.

This case will be an eye opener to violent security guards and to most especially, the society, that the law is ready to defend and give justice to victims of violence.edgeug


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