I am His Diehard, Musician Fefe Busi Declare To Support Bobi Wine


Unlike other artistes who chickened out on campaigning for Bobi Wine in the forthcoming 2021 Presidential campaigns, rapper Feffe Bussi boldly stated how it will be easy for him to campaign for his mentor.

Speaking in an interview, the self-proclaimed Smallest Rapper elaborated that he can campaign for Bobi Wine free of charge because the Fire Base Crew boss owes him a lot of things.

He explained the reasoning that Bobi was of a huge impact on his rise to stardom as he helped him shoot his first music video by footing all his bills at Munyonyo Resort.

Musician turned politician Bobi Wine speaks to his audience at one of the music concerts in town

Fefe Bussi, Born Mukiiza Frank, also noted that Bobi Wine has seen him overcome his struggles not once, twice, or thrice but on several occasions.

According to Feffe Bussi, there is no better way he can repay Bobi Wine but the only little thing he can do is to campaign for him as a token of appreciation.

When asked about campaigning for President Museveni, he stated that he can do it for financial reasons only but not out of his will because he also needs money.

Feffe Bussi’s statements come just after Eddy Kenzo was roasted for publicly announcing how he won’t be able to campaign for Bobi Wine after he visited the president’s office sometime back.

In the same interview, Feffe Bussi also explained how his relationship with fellow rappers Fik Fameica and Gravity Omutujju is no longer healthy since he released his hit track ‘Who Is Who?’.


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