Kagame Warns Rwanda Enemies”The Cost Is Going To Be Too High For Any Rebellion”

President Paul Kagame has warned Rwandans involved in acts that destabilize the country, vowing that “the cost is going to be very high.”

In a speech delivered in parliament on Thursday, November 14, during the swearing-in ceremony of new Cabinet members, President Kagame said:
“Those who want to destabilize our country will incur a very high cost, and I mean it. In fact, I want to warn those among us who hide behind politics, democracy, and freedom. Those behind this nonsense and are backed and praised by people from outside, you will reckon with us,” he said.

“And those who are involved better come out clean very fast. You cannot be here benefiting from the peace and security that we paid for in blood over many years and go behind our backs and cause us problems. We will put you where you belong. No question about it,” he added.

Without mentioning names, the president sent a not-so-subtle warning to government critic and politician Victoire Ingabire, telling those who obtain presidential pardons after committing crimes must toe the line or face repercussions.

Rebel attack

The president said: “People who have been involved with the tragedy of the genocide and have continued to play that politics and ideology and have gone to prison and have come out, and we have forgiven them for it and then they start playing those games again. We will put you where you belong. And those who make noise about it, we will see what they will do.”EastAfrica.


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