Uganda Traffic Police Issues Tough Christmas Guidelines For Motorists

The Uganda Police have issued 13 guidelines that motorists and other road users must adhere to during the Christmas and New Year festivities as one of the measures of avoiding or reducing road accidents.

They include; carrying a valid driving permit at all times, ensuring that the motor vehicle is in good mechanical condition and roadworthy, avoid over speeding, not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and drivers fastening their seat belts.

Other guidelines include avoiding driving a vehicle without a number plate affixed in the prescribed manner.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police traffic boss, Norman Musinga, issued the guidelines on Friday at the Central Police Station in Kampala.

He warned bus drivers against flouting route charts and to avoid making return journeys and warned all public service vehicles to avoid carrying excess passengers.

Musinga said drivers must also stick to the usual routes that they are familiar with and remove vehicles that breakdown in their respective journeys to avoid causing accidents.

On bodaboda riders, Musinga said the Police would be looking for riders who carry more than one passenger, especially in the evening. He also banned parents from letting their children below 18 years to drive.


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