M7 Is Drying Our National Treasury With His Endless Political Tours-Mp Kivumbi

Butambala Member of Parliament Muwanga Kivumbi has accused President Museveni of using state resources for strategic politicking disguised as wealth creation tours.

The Shadow Minister of Internal Affairs was Thursday appearing on NBS television “morning breeze” programme.

“By now, President Museveni should have given us accountability from his tours,” Kivumbi noted.

According to Kivumbu, a presidential tour that is meant to empower people should start at the beginning of a term.

He said Museveni’s state tours are strategic because they always come towards the election year.

“President Museveni is using the treasury to do a lot of politicking. That is why our supplementary budget keeps increasing.”

Appearing on the same show, Paul Amoru, Member of Parliament for Dokolo North County and a representative of NRM, said it is fine to let the president make more tours.

“You have to touch base so that you are able to understand what is working and what is not. We should encourage the head of state to do more visits for wealth creation.”

According to Amoru, President Museveni is a hard worker who puts a lot of focus in whatever he does.

“People say that it is easy for him to win elections, however, why would he bother to connect with the people if it is easy to take power?”

He added: “The problem we have in Uganda is that we are always in an electioneering mood.”edgeug


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