Am Not A Threat To Trump’s Admistration-Nkurunzinza

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has told US President Donald Trump the he is no threat to him.

Nkurunziza was on Thursday addressing a press conference at his new Gitega palace in Burundi’s Political Capital.

Reacting to the Message Donald Trump sent to the US Congress, President  Nkurunziza was adamant that Burundi couldn’t constitute any threat to the US.

“…inasmuch as the two countries are located, as the crow flies, thousands of miles away each other,” Nkurunziza told press.

“President Donald Trump overlooking the sacrifices made by contingents deployed by Burundi in Somalia and Central African Republic [CAR] is like rubbing salt into the wound of our country,” Nkurunziza lashed out.

He added: “We have been stabbed in the back by a country that should support us instead.”


He also dismissed reports he intends to become Prime Minister after retiring early next year.

He again indicated he will not run for another term next year in the politically volatile East African nation and planned to hold another press conference “before handing power to our successor.”

At the time Nkurunziza declared that he would support whoever is selected in 2020 and added that “a man can change his position in bed but he cannot change his word.”

The 55-year-old president earlier this month in comments to security forces said it was the last time he would give them his holiday wishes as Burundi’s leader.

He also urged them to keep “cohesion and discipline” and avoid “disorder.”


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